Customer or Client?


It is important to understand the difference between being a Customer and being a Client.

All prospective customers and clients should review the Maine Real Estate Commission Brokerage Relationship Form (previously known as Form 3) which can be viewed/downloaded here.

To become a client, speak with us about signing a Representation Agreement which would allow us to represent you and your interests. For seller clients, this means entering into a listing agreement. For buyers, this means entering into a Buyer Representation agreement. In many cases, this can be a service we provide to you as a buyer for any property listed with any other agency on the statewide Multiple Listing Service.  If you don’t have a Buyer Representation agreement, this means you are probably a customer. It is important to let us know if you already have a representation agreement currently in effect with another agency!

  It is important to know that some agencies ONLY represent sellers.  They may still show and sell you property but you will likely be a customer and not a client.  This means they are not representing you or your best interest.  If you want to be represented as a buyer client, you will need to ask the agency if they provide that service and ask for a Buyer Representative (Buyer Agent or Buyer Broker).  There will be a written representation agreement that you will need to sign to accomplish this.  Usually, if you just call the agent who’s sign is in the front yard of the home, that agent will be working for the seller.